About the project

Background and goals of the project

The Western Balkans (WB6) countries have with the support of EU and other foreign factors made a significant efforts for ensuring peace, transition reforms and partly regional cooperation, in accordance with the EU enlargement policy and Berlin initiative. Nevertheless, the region is still rifted with the unresolved war crimes problems, with the lack of cooperation, with suspicious political and media discourses, with opened border and other problems, with mistrust, animosities, hate speech, with cleavages and hatred between people (mostly on ethnic and religious basis). The process of reconciliation among people and countries in WB6 region is the only possible route towards future peace, stability and economic development of the region. The process of reconciliation needs, first, education of new generations who will be the bearers of the implementation of the reconciliations tenets and of developing new mentality of population as a basic element of modernization and European integration. And this is the primary goal of ANETREC academic network supporting regional cooperation based on reconciliation in WB6 countries.

Thus the ANETREC academic network is supporting of academia in WB6 countries to the EU policy towards the Western Balkans with emphasis on regional cooperation based on reconciliation as a precondition for peace, stability and progress of the region.

Project activities and foreseen results:

Having in mind the Project aims the teachers from partner institutions will:

  1. develop six virtual teaching courses relevant to the Project topic namely:
    • The notion, development and critical assessment of the EU policy towards WB6 in the context of the present international political and security circumstances,
    • Reconciliation in the post-conflicts environment in the WB6, as a precondition for the efficient implementation of the EU enlargement policy,
    • The implementation of the concept of multiculturalism as an element for developing stability in multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and multi-religious societies of particular WB6 countries and of the region as well,
    • Respect of otherness, human rights and elimination of discrimination as one of preconditions for stability and European integration of WB 6 societies and a region as a whole,
    • The role of religion in the process of reconciliation in WB6 and in developing good neighbourhood relations between nations and
    • The problem of migration in the context of EU policy towards WB 6 with emphasis on regional cooperation in this field.
  2. Organise ANETREC Summer school for students from partners’ universities
  3. Elaborate researches to the Project topics together with recommendations for further development of teaching and research activities in the field of reconciliation topics in the region of WB6 and wider on Europe. 
  4. Build up the ANETREC Academic Network and Open Access Database as reference Centre for WB6 region

Expected impact of the project:

The results of the Network, which is a first such attempt in WB6, will impact the improvement of existing (very scarce) and the elaboration of new individual or commonly agreed teaching subjects and research programs dedicated to the education and research for supporting the EU policy with emphasis on reconciliation process in WB6 and in other EU countries. The project will also educate and train teachers (mostly younger) who will be the bearers of the implementation of these ideas in different areas of social life and thus they will be able to contribute to the creation of pre-conditions for the European integration and progress of these countries and the area as a whole.