ANETREC OPEN Access database

ANETREC open access database.
It is the hub, which will gather information for the project’s and future teaching, research and other activities related to the project’s topics, as are:
1) The syllabuses of all 6 teaching courses providing students with all the necessary information including assignments, coursework, learning outcomes, assessment methods, instructions about seminar papers and essays, final exams, study materials and mandatory literature) and other necessary instructions for the realization of the courses.
2) More than 90 pre-recorded video lectures which will be shown to the students participating in the online course at their university, under the supervision of a local professor.
3) The material of written exams prepared by professors in cooperation with the local professor / mentor at a particular university.
4) The CVs of professors lecturing at the course.
5) The extensive literature regarding different issues of Western Balkans (books; articles; related EU and governmental documents; documents of international governmental and non-governmental organisations.
6) Internet links to other sources of information.
7) Information on opportunities to compete for financial support to the study and research programs, conferences, seminar etc.

ANETREC open access database will become fully operation in September 2021.